The Medical Screening Process for Applicants of a Permit from DIMAS Aruba

1. Application for a permit at DIMAS.

  • On the ‘Temporary Admission Aruba’ (VTA) form, the applicant receives information that he or she must report to a physician approved by the Directorate of Public Health (DVG) for a mandatory medical screening. Note: Currently, the screening is conducted by the doctors at Medwork. Once more doctors are approved by the DVG, they will be listed here.
  • To make an appointment, the applicant must go in person to Medwork, located at Margrietstraat 3, Oranjestad, on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, with a valid passport and the ‘Provisional Admission Aruba’ letter. The cost is Afl. 75.00 and must be paid on the spot. Referral letters for various tests such as the PPD/Mantoux test, chest X-ray, and blood tests will be provided by Medwork. The costs for these tests must be paid at the respective medical institutions.

2. Execution of the medical screening and verification of vaccination status.

  • If a contagious disease is detected or suspected, the physician refers the person to a specialist, such as an internist or pulmonologist, for further examination, possible treatment, and follow-up.
  • If the applicant lacks one or more basic vaccinations and is willing to receive them, the physician refers the person to the Infectious Diseases Service (DBZ) at the DVG to obtain the missing vaccinations.
  • Permit applicants who have not been vaccinated are recommended to consider the following basic vaccinations: Hepatitis B, DKTP-HiB (diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, Haemophilus influenzae type B), pneumococcal, and MMR (mumps, measles, rubella). Permit applicants and holders can schedule a vaccination appointment at the Infectious Diseases Department under the Department of Public Health Aruba. This can be done via phone at 5224241 or 5224239, or through email at [email protected]. The address is Avicenastraat 1 in Oranjestad, Aruba. For more information on vaccination and its importance, see [Document – vaccination]

3. Report to the Infectious Diseases Service (DBZ).

  • The physician conducting the screening sends the results of the applicant’s medical screening to DBZ, regardless of whether there is a referral to a specialist or not. All relevant documentation, including laboratory results and chest X-rays, must be submitted to DBZ.
  • After possible treatment and follow-up by the specialist, this must also be reported to DBZ. In this case, only a medical statement is required. The statement must clearly indicate that the person (permit applicant) has been treated or is under follow-up with the relevant specialist.

4. DBZ provides advice to DIMAS regarding the granting of the permit.


Financial Aspect

The applicant must bear all costs related to the medical screening, possible treatment, and necessary follow-up until the permit is granted.

  • Participation in the screening is a requirement; refusal to do so will result in a negative advice.
  • Acceptance of treatment after the detection of a contagious disease is a requirement; refusal will result in a negative advice.
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